Hastings Harvest Run results are in!    

Maria Hastings PTO Hastings Harvest Run
Covid mitigation/protection plan statement

 Maria Hastings PTO will do the following to ensure the safest environment for runners, volunteers and spectators.  

-No afterparty, only a short post-race award ceremony with social distancing

-Outdoor check in with hand sanitizer and clean pens via sanitized wipes

-Remove dirty pens and include in a separate box to be cleaned

-If Maria Hastings learns any runner or volunteer or spectator is COVID-positive, we shall notify the Lexington Board of Health and follow guidance on training practices

-No unregistered runners are allowed to participate

-We will have masks available and recommend mask usage at the start lines and post-race

-Post-race will only have pre-packed waters, granola bars and bananas

-Hastings Run will monitor and implement updated municipal, state and CDC protocols as they develop

-Hastings Harvest has consulted a physician who has helped provide guidance as we navigate this territory and ensure we are compliant and providing a safe space

-We will have a staggered start and line up 6-8 people across with ample space between. Similar in fashion to how the Newport Rhode race marathon was structured. Runners were given guidance ahead of time and the best practices from the handbook there will be utilized as the start and stops of the races pose the most threat to not stay socially distant. Since the bibs are chipped, timing will not be affected.

Event management has checked with town officials in which the race is
being conducted, and there are no special or specific Covid mitigation
plans required for conduct of road or cross-country races.  The event management team will apply basic Covid mitigation hygiene procedures, and monitor and
implement any municipal, state, and CDC protocols in place leading up to and at the event.